Saturday, March 3, 2012

Are YOU a fan of delicious flavor?

Not only am I a fan of delicious flavor, but also of the amazing USA show Psych ... so I just HAD to do a Psych-inspired lunch to take to work tonight in my Laptop Lunch box!

If you watch the show you already know about the pineapple obsession. If you don't watch the show, well, just know there's a pineapple obsession (and now go watch the show).

The sandwich pineapple is brown sugar ham, pineapple and pizza blend cheese in a whole wheat Sandwich Thin with lettuce leaves and monterey cheese "Psych" on the top. I love hawaiian pizzas so this just sounded like the perfect combination!

In the top right container is some pineapple cottage cheese (with extra pineapple).

In the bottom right container is my "sweet treat" for the night in the form of LifeSaver Gummies. Technically the bag is John's but when I saw one of the flavors I couldn't resist!

In the itty bitty container with the Gummies is some pasta sauce in case I decide I want to dip my sandwich in it!