Friday, March 9, 2012

Monty Python Holy Grail Lunch

It's Holy Grail Week!

March 14th marks the 37th Anniversary of the "world premiere" of Monty Python and the Holy Grail ... depending, of course, on which website you look at! Some sites have the release date as earlier but the big hoo-haa on March 14th. Whatever. I'll be celebrating with a week of Holy Grail lunches regardless!
A work week, anyway.

It seemed only right to start with the movie poster.

The lunch version in a Laptop Lunchbox:
Copied from:
The sandwich is chicken breast and provolone on whole wheat with American cheese flags. "Holy Grail" is punched out of American cheese and is sitting on provolone. On the side I've got grapes, tomatoes, and thousand island dressing so after my sandwich I can enjoy a nice big salad.... and start plotting tomorrow's lunch!


  1. That is just too awesome for words!!! Great job!

  2. I have been waiting to see your first Holy Grail lunch. You did not disappoint. Love it!

  3. omgosh i love you hahahaha this is... amazeballs :)