Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cars ... Again ...

Before John left for school this morning I asked him to go grab a book to bring me since it's been a while since we did a Story Time Friday. Of course, he brought me a Cars 2 book so it's more of a movie lunch than a book lunch. He asked for Sally, Lightning and Mater with Sally out of cheese. Sally came first and I was attempting to cut her out of my monterey brick when the knife slipped right into my left index finger so she ended up being cut out of a thin slice of provolone with one of John's Lightning McQueen snack containers and the rest of the lunch? Well, "half-assed" is putting it mildly.
Mater is a ham & cheese loaf sandwich with pepperoni bite wheels (which Sally also has), I used John's other Lightning snack container to hold some Cars Fruit Snacks (and get out of making a Lightning sandwich). Also included are grapes and a pack of Cars Pretzel Snacks.

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  1. My best friend's boy would go nuts for this lunch! Very nice!!!
    PS... you might have won something at FFM :) Hit me up with an email homie :)