Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The 4th Doctor in a Laptop Lunchbox

When I was little I watched a lot of Monty Python, as mentioned just a few days ago. I also watched an awful lot of Dr. Who and, being born in '75, for me the Doctor will always be the 4th Doctor as brilliantly portrayed by Tom Baker. He even had the best companions of all of the doctors -- Leela, Romana, the incomparable Sarah Jane, and .... of course ... K9. Rewatching the episodes now on Netflix I have to laugh over how cheeseball they were in a lot of ways, but I still swoon over that laugh, that hat, that scarf.

"You may be a doctor. But I'm the Doctor. The definite article, you might say."

Here, The Doctor and K9 are roast beef & provolone on whole wheat with a TARDIS and the scarf drawn onto provolone. Joining those in the large container of my Laptop Lunchbox are four Sour Patch Kids since they're the closest things I could find to Jelly Babies here. (I don't actually intend on eating them, but had to include them!) In the top left is cottage cheese. The top right has grapes and a handful of star crackers.


  1. Fantastic! I remember Tom Baker's Doctor from my youth, I used to watch whenever I spent the night at my Grandma's :) MY doctor is the 10th though. LOVE this lunch :)

  2. I too was born in 75 and completely agree. Love the bento. Lately, I've been craving jelly babies.

    1. Sour Patch Kids just don't cut it! I had a friend from England whose mom used to ship us Jelly Babies. Haven't had a real one in years!

  3. I know I watched this show with my step-dad but I don't remember any of it now. Well other than the phone booth. LOL