Monday, March 26, 2012

Tooth Fairy Lunch!

John had a first-time visitor last night -- the Tooth Fairy!!!
The tooth came out with a slice of pizza and right into John's belly, but Daddy reassured him that tooth fairies have special fairy magic that let them get teeth out of bellies and he would still get his dollar. Daddy's are smart like that sometimes :)
Sure enough, John woke with four new quarters to his name ... and the need for a new lunch to be made to take to school for today!
John said that his Tooth Fairy is a boy so I used an angel cookie cutter and cut the skirt to make pants. The sandwich is bologna and cheese on whole wheat. "Tooth Fairy," the tooth the fairy is holding, and the four quarterish circles at the bottom are all cheese. He also has some LifeSaver Gummies, grapes, yogurt and juice.

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  1. The photo of John is precious:) I love the lunch and the details of the tooth and coins, of course the boy angel too!