Thursday, March 1, 2012

Seuss Week Day Five: Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss!

Friday brings Seuss Week to a close as it's the 108th Birthday of the amazing Dr Seuss!
What would be better, then, than a birthday party in a box?

In an Easy Lunchbox:
 In the top left is a Super Simple Cupcake with alternating red & white stripes in the batter, red frosting & sprinkles. Under the cupcake is white cheddar popcorn tossed with red sprinkles. In the large compartment "Dr Seuss" is cut out of colby cheese (painted red with natural color) using mini cupcake cutters for the D and S and little letter cutters. The Cat in the Hat cupcake sandwich is ham and cheese cut with a large cupcake cutter with the top slice italian and the bottom slice whole wheat. In the rectangle container is alternating wild berry and plain applesauce. (I also Seuss-ed a juice box -- turning Hawaiian Punch into Seuss Juice!)

Come back to tomorrow for a roundup of all the Seuss lunches, a peek at what John will be taking to school Monday for a belated Seuss birthday snack day and a very Seusstastic Blog Hop!


  1. I love your sandwich! How creative! Great job!

  2. i LOVE the seuss juice :) so great Karen!! you are oozing with creativity lady!!

  3. WOW. you are an amazing artist!!!! LOVE the Cat in the Hat sandwich!

  4. Your drawings are always amazing!