Thursday, March 22, 2012

Celebrating Project Runway's Mondo!

I've watched Project Runway almost religiously since the first season. Without a doubt my favorite contestant has been Mondo Guerra. He just oozes awesomeness!

Tonight is the finale of All-Stars and Mondo is holding a party in Denver to celebrate (and hopefully to celebrate his big win!). Since I'm in New York I can't make it to the party, so I'm putting the party in my Easy Lunchbox instead.

In the lunch box is mac & cheese with a cheese sandwich of Mondo riding the unicorn. His cotton candy and the words are cheese and there are also little cheese stars that are hard to see in the picture. In the top right are star crackers and the bottom right has my own cotton candy (which will be sealed up tight until ready to eat because otherwise it would just be a pile of sugar!).


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