Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cut The Rope's Om Nom

Amazingly enough, Angry Birds isn't the only game John loves playing on the iPad (and his new iPod Touch)!  We've both become quite enamored with Chillingo's Cut the Rope featuring the adorable candy-loving monster, Om Nom!

Here Om Nom is a berry cream cheese and jelly samdwich with mini Slim Jims, grapes and star crackers. John tried to convince me this morning that Om Nom needed to be all green like he is in the game, but I think he'll be okay with only the outline :)


  1. Another of your sandwiches I must copy for my Pickle! Sweet!

  2. This is so cute! Om Nom is on my list of lunches to do as Kidlet loves Cut the Rope too!

  3. I *knew* you did a Cut the rope lunch! Goodness you made me work for it to find it! He is so cute!