Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Go, Diego, Go!

I was really worried that John would remember that I told him they celebrate Lunar New Year for 15 nights ... and then try and have me figure out enough lunches to fit!

Luckily, if he did remember he didn't call me on it and for tomorrow we get Diego and Rescue Pack!

Diego & RP are cream cheese & strawberry jam sandwiches.
The muffin is chocolate chip (and in a Diego wrap).
Strawberry fruit snacks are on the bottom.


  1. mmm i love muffins :)
    great looking diego & rescue pack! (now i have that song in my head. lol)

  2. Your Diego is wonderful! Great job!

  3. So cute, you did a great job on Diego and RP. What did you use?

    1. I do all of my drawings with AmeriColor food gel and toothpicks. I tried another brand but it doesn't work on bread nearly as nicely!