Monday, January 30, 2012

Rugrats (and a Fit & Fresh trial run!) -- @NickelodeonTV @Fit_Fresh

Before John was even a glimmer in my eye I picked myself up a Fit & Fresh Lunch On The Go set at a local drugstore. The past few years, I admit, I typically have forgotten about it with all of the other random containers and clutter bouncing around.

A few nights ago I was looking up new lunch-stuff options for John to take to school and discovered that they now have an entire line just for kids (including the incredibly awesome Pic N Mix Monster sets) and a whole lot more options for non-kids than I was aware of. (There's a fruit & veggie dish I'm just dying to try to make a bentoish lunch in for him ... or me ...)

Needless to say, I think, I fell in love all over again and this morning as soon as I got home from work I checked to make sure I still had all of the pieces for my original set -- including ice pack (which, amazingly, was actually in the freezer).

John's already aware that I'm planning on buying new containers so when he saw me with all the pieces out he got all excited thinking I already had. I told him that it was technically mine but I was thinking of getting him his own (and then showed him online that they have it in green now -- his "favoritest color everrrrrr") and asked if he would like to use mine for lunch tomorrow. Of course I got a big hug and smile! Gotta love that!

John calls the Lunch On The Go a "stack 'em up box" because that's exactly what you do. There's a bottom layer, then the ice pack, then the top layer holds two smaller covered containers. 
Tommy & Chuckie from Rugrats are mini turkey sandwiches on whole wheat bread. They're joined on the bottom layer by a monterey jack cheese stick, juice box, wild berry fruit snacks, and his little silverware. The two top containers are pictured below the box with fruit salad on the left and raspberry yogurt with sprinkles on the right. (He had me put it all together before he went to school this morning so he could see and he loves how everything fits!)

All stacked and ready to go!
Of course, after taking the pictures I put the ice pack back in the freezer and the rest in the fridge ... after making sure it wasn't too big for any of his lunch bags (yes -- he has three in various sizes). It fit perfectly!

Tomorrow as soon as he gets home from school I'll give it a good scrub down so I can use it for MY lunch!

(Disclaimer: Fit & Fresh had nothing to do with this post besides making some awesome products.)

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  1. Karen, very nice lunch and I love the containers :)