Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ruby Gloom (& friends)

I can't recall how I started watching Ruby Gloom. As far as I know it never actually aired on an American network so I must have just stumbled upon it online or heard about it through a .... a GUEST! That's what it was! It was a hotel guest who had some Ruby Gloom gear and we got talking about how awesome it was and he (yes, he) mentioned the show and I found it online.


It's been a looooong time.

And now Netflix has it and I'm ecstatic ... and determined to make John a fan, as well. And after only two episodes he decided he wanted a Ruby lunch with Doom Kitty and Mr Buns so here we have them!

Ruby, Mr Buns & Doom Kitty are all SunButter & Strawberry Fluff on whole grain white. We're still retesting the waters with the SunButter & whether or not he likes it with anything other than jelly (since with jelly he doesn't), so there are Beef Bites, strawberry fruit snacks and applesauce (with red sprinkles) added as sides/alternatives.

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