Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One of the fastest lunches yet!

I took a nasty fall off of our porch steps when I left to head to work last night. Actually "steps" isn't accurate since I hit the first one, skipped the next three, and landed in the driveway. A little scrape on my right knee, a little gash on the palm of my right hand, and my left knee (which has already been rebuilt/partially replaced once) is swollen in a couple of places, scraped all to heck, and various shades of red and purple. The idea of standing in the kitchen coming up with an awesomely complicated lunch for tomorrow? Not going to happen.  Pulled out the bread, slapped on some mustard, ham & cheese, and told John to pick out a cookie cutter and some side snacks. A Ritz Crackerful, Toy Story fruit snacks, and grapes join the giant star sandwich.


  1. :( hope your knee is ok!

    on the brighter side, this lunch just proves that even in a pinch or a hurry, you can still make a lunch cute!!

  2. Karen, hope you are o.k and take care!
    This lunch still looks good, stars are always cute:)