Wednesday, February 1, 2012

@HBO Family's "A Little Curious" - the NEW lunch for today!

John decided to help me out with the whole knee issue yesterday when he got home from school & got his own food when he was "sooooooooo hungry." Of course, that ended up being the star lunch that was supposed to be for today. Eep! I had thought that I would just end up tossing some random stuff in his bag at the last minute this morning (with his blessing, of course) but it ended up being a pretty quiet night at work, though, and I just happened to have a small bottle of AmeriColor Ivory in my bag .... so I made his sandwiches there while watching Netflix on my iPad.

And when I showed him this morning when I got home (while he was actually watching "A Little Curious") he said it was awesome. He didn't even seem too disappointed that Bob The Ball, Pad & Pencil were the only characters I made :)
The sandwiches are bologna and cheese on whole wheat. Fruit snacks and grapes and a tub of mandarin oranges in gelatin (not pictured) will join them and his juice box in the lunch bag.

Now tomorrow I'll probably just randomly toss some stuff together ...

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