Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Lunch Take Two

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John stayed home sick from school today for the first time all school year. In fact, I think for the first time since his tonsils came out this past June! When lunchtime came around today I gave him the option of the Dinosaur Train lunch or the Valentine's Day lunch I had for tomorrow.

He loved the cubed heart and pepperoni (and ate about half of the watermelon -- saving the rest for later), but then I needed something for tomorrow in case he goes to school which I'm seriously hoping he does. Not only is it his turn at snack day and he loves doing snack day, but also who wants to miss giving & getting Valentines in school??? Not my boy, that's for sure!

The Valentines he picked out to pass out are from the movie Rio (and, of course, the Angry Birds tie-in game). I had planned on using the extra card in the box and leaving it in his lunch as a little surprise ... but then he surprised me and left it for me last night! Such a sweet boy! So instead, now, he'll still get a Rio Valentine in his lunch box -- but in food:

Blu & Jewel are turkey on whole wheat. The hearts are colby cheese.

All together with his Valentines to pass out, Splitz yogurt, and YogaVive Apple Chips.