Monday, February 20, 2012

Life's A Beach!

The best thing about being on break for John isn't getting to play all day (today he's been re-writing and acting out The Lorax with Legos, Cowboys and Indians and this time the trees all survive ... or at least grow back quickly). It isn't wearing his pajamas 'round the clock. It isn't even watching and playing pretty much anything he wants to on my iPad...

It's getting to have lunch in the ELBs!

He may still be fighting off the horrid cold he caught and it may be the middle of February and a blizzard could hit any day in central New York, but for John? Life's a beach ... and so is his lunch :)

Top left: Star crackers because he may decide this should be a night scene.
Top right: Vanilla yogurt with yellow sprinkles in a "sun yellow" silicone cup.
Bottom: PB&J on whole wheat island with palm trees and a sailbot in an AirHead ocean with a school of Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish Grahams swimming underneath (trees and sailboat cut from itty bitty cutters purchased from -- same place I got yesterday's Monster Truck!)

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