Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Peter Pan & Tink (the NEW lunch for Wednesday!)

John decided that he really really wanted the "We can fly" lunch for dinner tonight, so on to Plan B ... or P ...

Peter is bologna and cheese on whole wheat with a sliver of a Cherry AirHead feather in his cap.
He's joined by TinkerBell (of course) drawn onto a Nilla Wafer.
Also in the box are Pixie Hollow fruit snacks and two more wafers.
On the side, a clementine and Yoplait Splitz Rainbow Sherbet yogurt.

I'm real glad I had already started the top of the sandwich so it was pretty easy to pull it together! Of course, now I'll have to rack my brain trying to figure out Thursday's Plan B :)


  1. I love your Peter Pan Series! what kind of food colour pen you are using? they work so well on sandwiches..

    1. Thank you! I actually use toothpicks dipped into AmeriColor or LorAnn food gels (and a damp watercolor brush for larger sections like Peter's clothing).