Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lunch with @pbskids Dinosaur Train's Buddy & Tiny

Please forgive the brevity of the post. We went to the 6th birthday party this morning for my future daughter-in-law (so says John) and I hardly had the energy to make lunch much less write a terribly witty or even semi-interesting post to go with it! I had to work last night, got out at 7:15am and the party went from 9-11am. No nap. No wit. I'm lucky I can still manage to trace pictures with toothpick in hand :)

Buddy & Tiny are John's favorites from "Dinosaur Train" so I drew them onto ham & cheese Wonder Smart White sandwiches. Included are grapes, LifeSaver gummies, and Goldfish (since they eat fish on the show).


  1. What do you use to color and write on the sandwiches?

    1. I use natural food color powders from and then draw with toothpicks and watercolor brushes.