Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Lunch in Fit & Fresh ... PLUS snack! (and the first ever BBF Blog Hop!)

Simple hearts for John for Valentine's Day in some of his new Fit & Fresh containers.

His sandwich is plain cheese cut first with a heart-shaped cutter and then with the FunBites cube thingie just to make it more "John-ish." It's sitting on a pile of pepperoni slices:

On the side in a half-circle container is some watermelon. Rather than use the melon baller on the slices I cut them into various sized hearts:
Add a strawberry milk box and a Strawberry Sundae Splitz yogurt and we've got a Valentine's Lunch!

Valentine's Day is also John's turn to provide snack for the class. I found some festive zipper seal bag at the dollar store and places a pack of Ocean Spray Berries & Cherries Fruit Snacks and a raspberry cereal bar (store brand of NutriGrain) in each one:

NOW be sure to head over to Crystal's Ramblings to see what fun she's packing up for Valentine's Day! It's our first ever BBF Blog Hop!


  1. Love the heart shape bread and watermelon, super cute :)

  2. I love the sandwich! I never would have thought to use the Cube It! on another shape! I like that better than the Luv It! triangles! :)

  3. Great us of the Fun Bites Cube thingy!

  4. Nice! Very creative cubed heart! So colourful in his new containers too :)

  5. Great use of the Fun Bites! I agree with LM... never would have thought to do that. Awesome!