Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Big Easy Lunchbox Bag Test

Tonight I will be taking my iPad AND ELB to work. In one bag. I'm not sure which one yet:

but one of them is going.

Right now I'm thinking maybe the Built just in case there's any spillage involved (which is the big scary test with the iPad also being in tow). I'll let you know how it goes after the fact!

The lunch in question I'm quite looking forward to:
3 oz cooked spaghetti topped with 3 oz cooked boneless/skinless chicken, 3 oz of light sauce and 1/2 ounce shredded pizza cheese. On the side 2 oz mandarin orange segments and 2 oz cottage cheese. 9 PP all together .... and would make a huge enourmous gross mess if the lid decided to screw with me (if it does, though, prepare to see a slightly used ELB giveaway sometime soon) ....

Sorry to say (for you -- definitely NOT for me), but the lunch and iPad made it to work in one mess-free bag!!! Maybe someday I'll still do an ELB giveaway but for now you'll just have to go buy your own or try and win one elsewhere :)

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