Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Henry and Mudge and the Long Weekend"

When my Great-Great-Grandfather came to America from Germany with his brother their last name was Motsch. Whoever did their intake apparently couldn't understand Motsch so wrote down the closest English name they knew -- and my family became Mudge. Not surprising, then, was my delight when John came home with his latest book gift from Reading is Fundamental : Henry and Mudge and The Long Weekend!

This week's Story Time Friday lunch only features Mudge. I don't have anything against Henry ... Mudge just ended up being larger than I had originally anticipated and rather than reprint the picture I was using, decided to just go with it!
Mudge is a bologna and cheese sandwich on whole wheat. With him are grapes and Nilla Wafers (one with a bone drawn on it). John will also get a yogurt tube on the side but I didn't bother pulling it out of the freezer for the picture :)


  1. Mudge is so cute! I love seeing your cool sandwich illustrations :D

  2. Karen, this is so cute, love it :)

    1. Thank you both! John seemed to like it and was even glad that I didn't add Henry ("the dog is soooo cool") :)

  3. Great job with the coloring...especially the dog's face!

  4. Wonderful lunch! Your drawing of Mudge is amazing! Spot on!

  5. Lovely lunch! I especially like the look on the dog's face!