Thursday, February 9, 2012

A 100th Day of School DINNER in @EasyLunchboxes

Apparently today was the 100th day of school for John as made evident by the "100" hat he came home wearing. Since I missed making him a 100th day lunch, I made him a 100th day dinner. He asked for it to be in one of my new Easy Lunchboxes with the green lid (even though it was only travelling from the kitchen to his little table in the living room).

Bottom: 100s made out of mini Slim Jims and Pizza Bagels
Top Right: 100 made from a cut gummy worm and LifeSaver Gummies
Top Left: not quite 100 apple chunks ;)

Pointing out the 100s -- still wearing his hat!


  1. Karen, that is a nice dinner and John is so cute with his 100th day hat!

  2. Very cute! The 100th day is always so much fun :D