Monday, February 27, 2012

Seuss Week Day Two: The Sneetches!

Thanks to finally finding a lunch bag big enough for the Easy Lunchbox but small enough for him to take it to school in his backpack, tomorrow John will get to take one for the first time! The bag in question is Built NY's Tasty and while it's a tight fit, it's a fit! He's even practiced taking the box out without dumping it all over.
So, the ELB will get to make it's kindergarten debut in all of it's bagged glory with my favorite Seuss characters:
The Sneetches!
 The Sneetches are drawn on American cheese with natural food color with stars cut out along the side using one of the bonus cutters from the little alphabet cutter set I mentioned yesterday. They're joined in the large compartment by star shaped cheese crackers from CVS. The top right holds a clementine with a star drawn on it and a mini York Peppermint Patty (just because). The bottom right has cocktail weiners skewered with pretzel sticks for the Sneetches' frankfurter roast! Yes, John actually likes them cold (he's his daddy's boy!). I will be nuking them a little bit before the final lunch packing tomorrow morning, but only enough to make me feel better. (I know they say they're already fully cooked in the package ... it still skeeves me out a bit to watch the male half of the household actually eat them right out of the package!)


  1. Very cute and using pretzels besides food picks is brilliant for the cocktail weiners !

  2. Wow, the colors wk on cheese too. Did you draw the same way using toothpick as well? Cute cocktails using pretzels. :)

    1. They work GREAT on cheese! The gels really didn't. Still using the toothpicks for any detail drawing but now it's all freehand and not how I used to of tracing the image with the gel directly on the picture and then transferring it over by smooshing it onto the bread.

    2. Tks for the info! I'm going to put in an order, just emailed the lady n she does ships over to my cty. :)

  3. The pretzel and franks are such a cute idea!

  4. The Sneetches have to be one of my favorites! Love the little franks!