Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dr Seuss' Lorax (a pre-Seuss Week special!)

After we were done at the museum yesterday we stopped in to the drugstore by the bus stop to grab a couple of things. Mostly, we went in for Angry Bird Gummies that we noticed earlier when we ran in to grab a pack of pocket tissues for a little boy's runny nose ... but then I saw something I knew would be perfect for Truffula tree tops:
Of course, John knew immediately what I was thinking when I picked up the bag and he agreed ... and asked for The Lorax for today (even though he had already put it on the schedule for next week!).

I put together the body last night with the new natural food color and finished it up this morning. I made sure it was done by the time John would normally be heading for his school bus so we could see how everything held up being left out like it would be on a school day.  The love for the natural colors continues!!! In fact, no new powder was used today ... I just added a drop of water to yesterday's that had dried up and it sprung back to life!
 Clockwise From Top Left (in an Easy Lunchbox):
* pretzel sticks (for Truffula trunks)
* pepperoni bites topped with colby cheese painted with "I speak for the trees!"
*The Lorax bologna & cheese on whole wheat with American cheese mustache standing on a pepperoni bite log, Truffula Trees and tops, and grapes