Monday, January 9, 2012

Shark Attack!

John found an unused shark cutter from some random Play-Doh kit last night and immediately decided he wanted a shark lunch for Tuesday! Not that easy since, of course, Play-Doh cutters don't have edges sharp enough to actually make through a slice of bread ... but I pulled it off anyway!

The sandwiches are SunButter with Strawberry Fluff (even though he told me a week or two ago that he doesn't think he really likes SunButter but I'm hoping the Fluff will make it more doable for him).  At the bottom of the box are two Mini Slim Jims (which he'll definitely eat even if the sandwiches are flops). Surrounding the shark sandwiches are shark cheese crackers from Aldi's. On the side, a banana and fruit snacks.


  1. Very cool sharks :D I love how bento supplies can be found anywhere!