Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is NOT a Tom & Jerry lunch!

That's what was requested for Wednesday but I just couldn't pull it together today. I blame the e-mail I got early this morning about John's upcoming school re-evaluation and all of the implications that may come from one simple but not-so-simple statement in it:
He is doing so well , I don't know if he will qualify for special education services next year.
I know it probably seems a little crazy that this has me in such a tizzy that I can't make a cat & mouse but the elementary school he's in with so many of his friends we had to get transferred into ... with permission from the district's Special Education Department. I hate to think that him not qualifying will mean getting pulled out of the school he's grown to love but I just don't know how stuff like that works here and, well, no cat & mouse. Instead, John will get a simple but not-so-simple statement in his lunch tomorrow:


  1. awwwwww, well I happen to LOVE the "I <3 YOU" cheese, meat, and sandwich :)

    I've been there Karen - Little Miss was in special education (ASD) from the age of 2 until Kindergarten. It was scary to think of her being thrown into a "regular classroom" at a new school and no longer with all the kiddos she'd become accustomed to and friends with since the age of 2! Totally out of her comfort zone.
    I had to remember: This is a GOOD thing. She's doing GREAT which means the early intervention WAS a success. (She still remained in speech therapy there after.) Whatever happens, know that John is a smart, loving boy and will do just fine. I think sometimes it's harder on the parents then it is the kids with some of the changes (lol) because we just want to protect them and make their lives as easy as possible.
    I still have those moments with Little Miss where she's still catching up on some of the "social aspects" and I can see her "quirks" sometimes the other kids don't get or are put-off by - her current teacher refers to her as "very intense". I have to remember that this is how she'll learn and all I can do is help and support her as best I can. :) This has been her first school year without an IEP. *HUGS*
    Please keep me updated what they decide!

  2. I bet John loved this lunch! I hope he will be able to stay in the school he loves and qualify for whatever services you want for him (((hugs)))

    What Keeley said about changes being harder on parents has been true for me in regards to Pickle many times where I've anticipated problems and wanted to smooth his way and he's surprised me by not needing me to. I hope the same is true for you & John! You know where to find me if you want to talk :)